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ACC Practicing for the Joy Concert, December 2016

Welcome to the Adirondack Community Chorus website. We are a group of singers based in Boonville, New York, with members from as far south as Remsen, as far east as Inlet, and as far north as Beaver Falls.  The size of the chorus ranges from about 40 to over 100.  The group was founded by Jeannette Nellenback and Peg Nuspliger.  Jeannette accompanied the group for the first 25 years.  Peg has been conducting the chorus since 1976-- over 40 years! There are members from teens to seniors and every age in between, some of whom have been a part of the group since it began.
Membership is open to men and women singers of all ranges: sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.  Most songs are in 4-part harmony.  There are also some solos. Four or five major concerts are presented each year, with many other opportunities to sing at local community events. Those able to attend sing each week at Sunset Nursing Home in Boonville. Singers are accompanied by piano or keyboard and/or guitars. Some concerts are accompanied by talented musicians from the area, which adds to the beauty of the chorus' voices.

Director:  Peg Nuspliger

General Manager:  John DeRoos

Secretary:  Terry Marcy

Treasurer:  Bob Jones

Program Coordinator:  Wally Low

Personnel Managers:  Gerrie Matuszczak and Mary Ann Reilly

Publicity:   Tracy Loveridge

Music Librarians:  Brenda Cox and Jan Yauger

Program Covers & Posters:  Carol Lustyik

Thank you to Laura Czajka and Angus Saunders for the photos.

Webmaster: Angela Bartelotte

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